Stan Lee

He is known worldwide as the superhero co-creator of Marvel, as Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, X-Men and The Fantastic Four. President Emeritus of Marvel, a member of the Marvel Comics Editorial Board, President and creative director of POW! Entertainment, founded with Gill Champion, Stan Lee is also the author of Zero Soldier, The Traveler and Starborn, among other titles. In order to encourage reading between children and young people, founded Stan Lee Kids Universe, multimedia that publishes works for children over 10 years.

Frederico Lapenda

He was born in Recife (PE) immigrated to Los Angeles at the age of 18, where he studied television and cinema. For his 25-year career in the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood has received several awards. Produced dozens of TV shows, many films, documentaries, & video games. Presides the Beverly Hills Film Festival Grand Jury and believes in educating new citizens through reading. With this work, he hopes to contribute to the promotion of the Amazon.

 Gabriel Chalita

He was born in Cachoeira Paulista (SP) and wrote his first book at age 12. Graduated in Philosophy and Law, the author, who has published more than 70 books of different genres, also has two master’s degrees and two Ph Os from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He is president of the Sao Paulo Academy of Letters and of the Brazilian Academy of Education.

 Terry  Dougas

He grew up in Volos, Greece, where he lived until he was 18, before moving to Vancouver, Canada, and then to Los Angeles, in the United States. At age 23 he produced his first film The Mesmerist (2002). His second project was Brides (2004), which with the executive production of Martin Scorsese. In 2005, he co-founded the 1821 Media production company, which produced films like Aprendendo with Grandma (2015), with Lily Tomli, nominated for the Golden Globe, and Made in America (2017), starring Tom Cruise. Co-founded the Stan Lee Kids Universe with Stan Lee. The two worked together for the first time in Romeo and Juliet: The War (2011), a best-selling graphic novel according to the New York Times.

 Bruno Miranda


He was born in Sao Jose dos Campos (SP) and has been drawing since the age of two. Passionate about art and technology, he studied Computer Science at the Brazilian Institute of Advanced Technology. works as an illustrator since 2009. Awarded as an illustrator, received 6 Golden Lions in the International Festival of Advertising from Cannes (France), as well as D & AD awards – Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards.